Marcos Zimmermann wrote:
"In a short while, maybe, all that will be left of the North will be its huge spaces and the gaze of its people. Maybe there will also be chipá cakes, dogs everywhere, the taste of Colla Indians for bright colours and the smiles of the poor like victories of the heart over endless failures in long-range planning. This book, which interweaves the two Northern areas of Argentina, is my homage to those things. But above all it is my homage to those who, from the least pretentious corners of our country, defend their home truths. For until they all have their space, there will be no future for anyone. Neither for sons of the rich nor grandchildren of the dispossessed. Neither to search for what is to come nor to hope for what will surprise us: the country's fineness, the true North."

Northern Argentina 285 pages, hardcover, 12" x 12"
274 duotone photographs 9½" x 8"


Buenos Aires, Argentina.