Nature for the Future Foundation wrote:
"A book of landscapes involves something of a miracle. To capture their fabulous abundance. To recreate it on every page. To awaken fascination, calling forth the ungraspable space around one who, some day, may run his fingers through its pages and become hopelessly lost in such immensity.
Who, besides Marcos Zimmermann, could open that window and show us the passage, like an interminable wandering cloud, from impenetrable jungle to the frozen plains of the Antarctic? Who, other than him, could unfold the monumental and suggest the subtle, all in a single image?
This book takes a thoughtful look at the qualities of Argentine landscapes. As a way of promoting a more lasting, harmonious relationship between man and nature."

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Argentina Nature for the Future

226 pages, hardcover, 11"x 13"
104 four-color panoramic photographs 8¼"x 24½"


Buenos Aires, Argentina.